Aged Care & Residential

The housing needs and preferences of an increasingly urbanised society are evolving quickly. Work-life balance, land intensification, ownership models, and shifting demographics are influencing the diversification in development typologies, necessitating smarter delivery strategies to align all stakeholders.

RCP has delivered many apartments, aged care, and residential land developments of varying scale, typology mix and value. We focus on generating long-term value for owners with quality, durability, and placemaking driving developments that integrate with and enhance their local community.  

RCP adds value by helping our clients perform due diligence to rigorously test feasibility assumptions before making critical development decisions. Our aged care experience covers urban and rural developments with varying models of care and lifestyle independence. We balance the needs of residents, staff, and operators in development outcomes that are commercially sound without compromising liveability and care standards. 

RCP has worked with local and international developers, institutional aged-care operators, and major government and social housing agencies. Our varied client base provides insights and learnings which can be applied across different typologies.

With a demanding commercial and regulatory environment, RCP can unlock a development’s potential at the feasibility stage by utilising our in-house commercial, infrastructure, civil, programming and planning consulting capabilities. Important downstream risk decisions, such as staging and procurement, can then be made from a solid foundation and a clear understanding of the project set-up and delivery structure.