Our Values Tō mātou ahurea

These values and principles are deeply ingrained in RCP's DNA. They shape our actions and influence our decision-making process.

We measure our success and progress by them, and we embrace the challenges that arise from our unwavering commitment to upholding them everyday.

Ambition & Progress

RCP is committed to challenging the status quo, leading change, and embracing innovation on our projects and within our business.

As industry leaders, we champion the re-definition of value to go beyond time, cost and quality; to include broader environmental, cultural, social and economic outcomes.

Honesty & Courage

Our experience and willingness to provide bold and informed project strategies and recommendations set RCP apart from our competitors. We know that no two projects are the same and reject the 'one size fits all' approach to managing risk.

This has always been RCP's 'natural instinct' and makes use more agile and resilient in response to a changing commercial and digital landscape.

People are Our Priority

Our national team comprises professionals from various commercial and technical backgrounds - practical and passionate people capable of unravelling the challenge to think, lead and deliver.

RCP’s people are the centre of our business. We prioritise our people – their diversity, health, safety and wellbeing, together with their professional and personal development to train, develop and retain respected industry leaders.

'Adding Value. Every Project, Every Time'.

This mantra reminds us that our responsibility is to serve and generate excellent outcomes for our clients and the project stakeholders.

After nearly three decades, we continue to fulfil this promise by taking a proactive and positive approach to our relationships and projects, and always going the extra mile.

Continuous Improvement

RCP has a dynamic blend of youth and experience, creating an environment where exchanging ideas and information stimulates and energises every level of our team.

We encourage everyone to contribute to the collective knowledge of our business by sharing their project stories, technical expertise or researching new ways of working.

Relationships Are Everything

Our approach is premised on ‘relationships first’ and engaging as people before we engage as a business.

Our industry relationships and project partnerships are underpinned by the highest standards of ethical conduct, honesty, and integrity.