Health & Safety Tikanga haumaru

RCP has nationally recognised Health and Safety policies, systems and process to keep our people and our project teams safe.

We deliberately set out to create an environment where workplace safety, health and mental well being are fundamental business and project objectives.

Success in health and safety is about leadership and culture. The tools we have at our disposal underpin “what” we do, but the effectiveness of the systems is in “how” we do it.

H&S Leadership

RCP's National Health and Safety Committee (NHSC) is comprised of regional representatives who are empowered to promote a strong health and safety and wellbeing culture across our offices.

Reporting to the RCP Board, the NHSC has two key areas of focus – health and safety improvement and health and safety compliance.

The improvement workstream has the key objective of improving systems; reporting on industry trends and initiatives, testing initiatives and ideas, leading the upskilling of staff and maintaining / obtaining accreditations.

Safety in Design

Safety in Design integrates hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process to identify, assess and mitigate Health and Safety risks to people over the life of an asset.

Safety in Design begins in the conceptual and planning phases of a project. Making the right choices at the design stage enhances the safety of the project. These choices may include appropriate methods of construction, ongoing maintenance provisions or materials used.

RCP ensures Safety in Design is considered throughout all phases of the project life cycle to improve the safety of construction sites and the use and maintenance of the asset into the future.

SiteWise Gold Accreditation

RCP's health and safety systems have received 'Gold' certification from SiteWise, New Zealand's construction industry prequalification system. SiteWise assesses and grades organisational health and safety management systems, processes and compliance programmes to assist the selection of consultants and contractors and allow organisations to benchmark and improve their H&S performance and culture.

The basis for RCP's Gold status is premised on:

  • Comprehensive H&S polices and procedures (internal & project)

  • Excellent incident reporting and hazard reporting

  • Regular workplace inspections

  • H&S training, culture and staff communication

Site Safe

There is a requirement that all workers on RCP work sites have the necessary skills and experience for the job they are performing.

We lead by example, with RCP insisting that all project team members must hold a current Site Safe 'passport' certification. All senior team members are required to undertake the Supervisor Passport and/or Leadership in Safety course.

Mates in Construction

RCP is a founding member of the MATES in Construction initiative in Aotearoa. Our staff have undergone general awareness training through the MATES programme, and some have progressed with Connector Training.

Connectors function within our organisation and as part of our project teams (site and non-site based through both design and construction phases) to recognise, encourage and build capability to provide an environment that encourages positive wellbeing and empowers staff to “connect, collaborate and connect” and talk about health and safety, mental health, and wellbeing.

Wellness & Employee Assistance

RCP actively promotes wellbeing and has an established internal 'Health & Wellness' programme for all employees.

This incorporates the services of OCP as RCP's preferred employee assistance service, fitness subsidies and several other initiatives which aim to improve productivity, reduce stress and illness, and promote a healthy workplace.