Curiosity drives Campbell. He’s always had a passion for exploring the 'why' and 'how' behind things. Being curious means that he approaches challenges with a desire to understand the underlying principles. It fuels Campbell’s ability to think critically and find innovative solutions to complex problems.

With a career start in urban planning and resource management, Campbell’s experience as evolved to include community re-generation and place-based investment programmes, property development, office and workplace, aviation and infrastructure. Campbell works at the front end of projects, providing advisory services on policy, strategy, funding, project feasibility, business cases, capital planning, master-planning and design.

He has held senior positions at Air New Zealand where he led the commercials and strategic planning of the airline’s global property leasing portfolio and airport infrastructure across 50 international and domestic airports. He also led the airline’s global workplace strategy and was the Project Director for the relocation of their corporate headquarters from Auckland's CBD to the airport. “Success required creating and promoting a compelling vision, listening, together with deep collaboration.”

Prior to Air New Zealand, Campbell leveraged his strategic thinking and problem solving to lead the master-planning, strategy, urban and capital planning for Auckland Airport’s 1,500ha landholding. This included placemaking, commercial property, infrastructure, terminals, airfield and runways. He has also put his analytic and collaboration skills to work in central government where he was deeply involved in the Auckland Local Governance Reform, particularly leading the policy advice to Cabinet and legislative writing instructions for spatial planning.

The opportunity of realising the potential of places to meet the needs of people, drew Campbell to work in community re-generation in Seven Sisters, London as part of “New Deals for Communities”. Campbell says the “new deals” of the early 2000s, were place-based programmes and early forms of the city and regional deals that are promoted today. His interest in the potential of place continues as a member of the Auckland Urban Design Panel.

“People are at the heart of any successful project, there is always more to learn, great ideas can come from anyone, and collaboration is what draws it all together."