The healthcare sector is a particular focus for Michael, who has successfully delivered numerous complex projects in live clinical environments at Middlemore Hospital. He is currently leading several high-profile healthcare projects, including a new private hospital for Greenlane.  

A keen problem solver, Michael’s strength is his ability to home in on core issues without getting distracted by peripheral matters. With his wealth of experience behind him, Michael’s known for keeping a cool head under pressure. 

Michael has followed two distinct career paths, which have given him diverse experience to draw upon. After attending university in Tasmania, Michael became a ships officer, taking oil tankers and container ships around the world. This was his first foray into highly detailed logistical planning. He was also part of the project management team, coordinating up to a thousand workers through the routine ship maintenance and repair work, which was detailed down to quarter-hour increments. 

After five years at sea, Michael retrained as an architect, practising for almost 20 years before joining RCP. He now pursues what has become his main passion, project management, providing structure and involvement in projects from their infancy to completion. 

Michael has in-depth knowledge of the design process and can help design teams to navigate risks and issues, and guide them to be more productive and profitable. He is also skilled at creating detailed pre-planning for project execution yet is sufficiently flexible to adjust the plan as required.  

Michael is also using his logistical nous to help create an RCP platform that will streamline processes – from procurement to construction to delivery – to ensure a consistent experience across all projects.  

Ask Michael what the biggest challenge facing clients is today and he’ll say it’s cost. So, he has been working with clients to boost their reputation in the procurement market for two key reasons – one, contractors will be more likely to tender, and two, they’re more likely to offer a good price. 

An enthusiastic mentor, Michael firmly believes in learning by doing and including his team in the whole process. He derives a lot of satisfaction from exposing less experienced team members to challenges. His approach is to provide a clear direction and the motivation, and let them plot their own path, albeit with some guidance.  

Michael still loves the sea and regularly enjoys taking his family sailing around the coast. He’s also quite the handyman and can often be found doing renovation projects on his home. Another passion is exploring new cultures and experiences overseas. 

“Managing a team to deliver a project that meets the client’s needs, and seeing that team thrive and enjoy the ride, that’s what really gets me going.” 

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