Our ports, encompassing air and sea gateways, serve as vital connections for New Zealand, linking people and goods to the global market. As a nation heavily reliant on exports and tourism, we help to optimise the capacity, resilience, and efficiency of these assets to protect our future prosperity. 

RCP supports port authorities to fulfil their varied roles as traveller hubs, logistics nodes and employment centres, acknowledging that they are complex systems of interdependent activities and facilities - each with their own unique requirements. 

We have provided advice and managed the design and construction of port projects for regional and international port authorities and airports, airlines and other peripheral tenants, including: 

  • Wharf upgrades

  • Airport expansions and terminal enhancements

  • Transport network integrations and roading 

  • Civil construction and utility infrastructure

  • Adjacent land development

Operating in this sector demands continuous activity without downtime. Our challenge is to assist our clients in maintaining uninterrupted operations within secure environments, 24/7, throughout the year, all while implementing long-term, forward-thinking initiatives.  

Construction in these dynamic, live environments isn’t for the fainthearted, but it’s a space we’re comfortable in after many years developing and managing delivery programmes and staging strategies that protect operational continuity, security and safety. 

The creation of new or improved building assets often serves as a catalyst for introducing new digital systems, logistic processes, or sustainability initiatives. RCP can support clients with change and stakeholder management to facilitate the operational improvements expected within next-generation facilities. 

Leveraging our infrastructure capability, we also consider how new port developments connect to transport and other local utility infrastructure without disrupting existing networks while providing capacity for future capacity expansion.