The Landing

The Landing is an award-winning warehouse and logistics hub located at Auckland Airport. As well as its leading business park facilities, The Landing borders the Oruarangi Creek and provides a significant recreational asset for the public, and an important walking and cycling link to the Otuataua Stonefields.  

A $40m multi-staged commercial subdivision development, The Landing features high-quality streetscape and landscape finishes using bespoke design solutions delivered to create a point of difference.  

During the course of the project, RCP was retained for a suite of services, from engineer to the contract and engineer’s representative, to project manager for the design and construction, to stakeholder and iwi community engagement. RCP initially oversaw the due diligence process to prove the proposed design concept and masterplan. It was then engaged to manage delivery of the first five stages of civil and earthworks for each precinct and associated infrastructure, including wastewater pump station and rising main, utilities and services, low-impact design stormwater solutions, tiered stormwater ponds, coastal stormwater outfalls, soft and hard landscaping, bulk earthworks and roading. 

Challenging geotechnical conditions, with numerous peat lenses and gullies, required extraction and conditioning. In response, RCP developed cost-effective pre-load solutions that aligned with the property development programme. This included a global earthworks strategy, which enabled the use of forecast surpluses from the future second runway. 

In collaboration with the contractor, RCP designed stringent sediment controls appropriate to the site’s proximity to the coastal edge and to ensure it did not constrain earthwork activities.  

RCP was also Auckland International Airport’s client representative, along with other funded parties (Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi), for The Landing Intersection at SH20A. A big roundabout was converted into the largest signalled intersection in Auckland. The project was completed in a live environment, requiring significant stakeholder interaction, both with the Airport and its industrial tenants.  

 RCP’s role related to overseeing the programme, , along with verifying claims and cost increases. A key challenge was the sequencing and staging of works and RCP worked closely with the contractor to challenge its programme. It also worked with other parties to keep the number of traffic management moves to a minimum, keeping both costs and programme duration as tight as possible.