A Journey of Friendship

When you first engage with Ben, you receive his undivided attention. As an alert listener, he takes your thoughts on board then breaks into a charming, spontaneous grin which tells you, ‘he’s got it’. It’s a sign of his confidence, positivity, and ability to connect with others. There’s a quiet calm about Ben that suggests he will stay the course, implying a sense of commitment and endurance, that he will see things through for you.

Hammer in hand, Ben started his career young during school holidays with his builder family friend. It sowed the seeds which led to a degree in Construction Management. Today, Ben leads RCP’s Lower North Island team. “We’re friends down here. We all know each other, and friendship is an important part of what we do. We approach projects the same way; we’ll help a contractor or consultant if they need a hand. We’re committed to each other.” Unlike the much larger UK construction industry, New Zealand is relatively small. “If you can’t deliver, you’ll soon have no friends here – and no work!” says Ben.

These days it's about more than just a built form; there are societal, environmental, and whole-of-life building considerations to balance. Seismic strengthening and building refurbishments are considerable in Wellington. “New builds stand out from the existing building stock, no longer restricted by the design limitations of old,” Ben offers. “Here at RCP, by nature, we are doers. We want to deliver, achieve, and make progress. Quality leadership is essential to what we do, and our reputation to deliver complex projects on time and on budget is critical.”

“I’ve had many highlights through my career. But when I take stock, the ones which have helped people to lead better lives, to learn, to be healthier, to be more productive, to enjoy arts and culture, are the ones that stand out. It’s about the transformation our projects deliver for a community. Doing things for a great reason has always been the most satisfying part about the job.”

“When I first interviewed with RCP fresh off the plane, I could never have envisaged the opportunities that have unfolded for me and my colleagues. It's the warmth and friendship of these relationships, set against the beautiful backdrop of New Zealand, which gets me out of bed each morning. It’s a long way from London, but I like to think my journey has only just begun.”

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