Mark arrived in Christchurch just prior to the 2011 earthquake as a Brit with a Kiwi wife. He wasn't expecting to stay that long. Then the ground literally moved from under him, and a decade later, his contribution to the rebuilding of Christchurch has been significant.

 Whilst he enjoys numbers as a trained QS, Mark had a desire to be more involved. "It's about understanding how the user journey affect the design and build process." Mark says he thrives educating and encouraging developers to do something different. “I am particularly enjoying engaging with iwi as New Zealand shifts to embrace Māori cultural values for the better.”

 Under Mark’s guidance, RCP’s Christchurch team has successfully nurtured competent regional managers now re-located in Taranaki, Dunedin and Queenstown. “We've deliberately thought about how to grow people from within. It's a part of our DNA."

 Given the risks Mark has observed and measured over the past decade in Canterbury, and despite his relaxed style of management, he strikes one as the kind of person you'd be safe to go to sea with.

 "You need to take time in the relationship to build a climate of trust where new ideas will be accepted." RCP’s reputation for solving problems and thinking beyond the box has seen a significant number of engagements in Canterbury.

 “We've grown to become a cornerstone of trust in project management. Because we become involved in the concerns of all stakeholders, we can engage in projects with greater depth. Sure, the ground’s moved from under me, but I'm staying put.”

Christ Church Cathedral
Te Pou Toetoe
Linwood Pool
New Dunedin Hospital
Te Rehua
Dark Sky Project
Dolomite Point
University of Canterbury