Honourable Outcomes

You can't see Scott Base in Antarctica from the top of Auckland's Sky Tower. And yet, these projects represent the depth and breadth of Nick’s journey in the industry. From high in the sky to below zero temperatures, these two complex construction projects will bookend his career and illustrate the significant extent of Nick’s experience over 25 years as one of RCP’s three founders.

‘’With experience, you intuitively learn to know what's around the corner. It's like skiing. You need to continuously look several gates ahead of the one you're in to successfully navigate the course. In construction you need to make sure that all parties are prepared for and understand their part in the journey. Understanding all the parties and their needs, and making sure that you are fair and reasonable is half the battle. There are many moving parts on a building site, and you must make the right decisions and build rapport and trust with everyone involved along the way. Projects are delivered by Teams not individuals”.

For Nick, it's all about relationships. ‘’How we deliver projects has changed significantly. But in the end, it comes back to people. I'm excited by what I see our young people doing with new technology, yet the fundamentals haven't changed. RCP is a relationship-based business that has been built on trust and allowed us to expand from Project Management into the fields of advisory, infrastructure, and portfolio management services.”

Nick's strength is in building teams and nurturing people. “For most of RCP’s life, 85% of our clients have been repeat customers. It says a lot about the quality of our teams, their technical competence, and their ability to build relationships. Our clients, Contractors and our people are of equal importance to us. Even-handedness in the interests of the project outcome means we must be fair-minded. When things get hard on a project, we must make the right call to balance things up between all the parties involved. Ultimately, it falls to us to make decisions.”

“As doers, we work to help deliver a building, a workplace, a hospital, a shopping centre, a civic space. Then it is used, and it becomes real. The pleasure for me is knowing we are making a tangible difference in our community, and the satisfaction of watching our people grow as champions of honourable outcomes.”

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Scott Base
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