After close to 40 years in the construction industry, nothing really surprises or scares Mike anymore. He has faced just about every problem that’s likely to arise – and solved them.  

Mike has spent much of his working life offshore in countries including the UK, Singapore and Australia, working for a mix of engineering consultants, mechanical subcontractors and main contractors. At RCP, he infuses projects with a global perspective and out-of-the-box thinking.  

With roots in mechanical engineering, it’s little surprise that Mike loves the cut and thrust of big projects, and the complexity and challenges they bring. None more so than healthcare, a sector in which he has spent the past 15 years honing his skills and developing specialist knowledge. It was Mike’s desire to make a real difference and be involved in these projects at an early stage that drew him to RCP.  

Mike has bolstered RCP’s health team, and is helping to secure and deliver some major healthcare projects. He is currently part of the delivery team for Te Toka Tumai Auckland’s Facility Infrastructure Remediation Programme and he is part of the design management team for the new Dunedin Hospital, New Zealand’s largest hospital rebuild project. 

Public sector healthcare is currently constrained by available capital due to high demand for hospital new builds and upgrades around the country, notes Mike. He is looking forward to playing his part to deliver much-needed infrastructure to support a thriving healthcare offering.  

Mike is a committed team player. Time spent on the rugby league pitch in his younger days has influenced Mike’s approach to teamwork in a construction setting. He operates on the basis that every team needs a captain and you can only achieve good results from relationships built on respect. 

Now his rugby league days are long behind him, Mike spends his spare time woodworking, playing golf and socialising with friends over a glass of vino. 

“As a team, we share a common goal, we each have a voice and we all have each others’ backs, but at times the team needs a captain that can make the tough decisions in the best interests of the project.” 

New Dunedin Hospital
Facilities Infrastructure Remediation Programme
Facilities Infrastructure Remediation Programme
Central Plant and Tunnel