Eric wears two hats at RCP, sitting on the leadership teams of both the infrastructure and healthcare portfolios.  

Prior to joining RCP in 2017, Eric spent 10 years in the field as a civil engineer and brings a wealth of major infrastructure experience across civil, water, roading and transportation projects. He has a well-earned reputation for being a versatile and insightful professional having performed many different roles on large-scale projects including project manager, civil engineer, design manager and engineer’s representative. He also brings good humour, thoughtful contributions to business improvement initiatives and valuable mentoring to younger team members. 

When it comes to leadership, Eric believes it’s important to have the right people in the room to solve problems and remove any barriers that stand in their way. He says it’s not about being the smartest person in the room; it’s about finding common ground and collaborating to achieve the best outcome.  

Eric is motivated to work on projects with a deep social context; projects that support and strengthen the communities in which we live. He is naturally drawn to work that supports better transportation options and the back-end healthcare infrastructure that keeps people alive. 

Unusually for an engineer, Eric is a writer and a ‘translator’. He can speak easily with all those along the value chain, from technical gurus to government stakeholders, taking complex ideas and creating simple content that a layperson can grasp.   

He is also adept at managing and formulating high-value business cases, and helping to establish governance and process strategies for major infrastructure projects. One such project is Te Toka Tumai Auckland’s circa $1b Facilities Infrastructure Remediation Programme for which Eric is the Programme Coordinator. 

A little known fact about Eric is that he once owned a dance company and was one half a of very successful swing dance duo, travelling the world to compete. He retired from competitions at 30 and now coaches the crème de la crème of competitive dancers in his spare time. 

“I’m passionate about the social elements of projects that RCP contributes to. I function best when we are working to better the community.” 

Facilities Infrastructure Remediation Programme
Facilities Infrastructure Remediation Programme
Central Plant and Tunnel