With roots in town planning, Bianca joined RCP in 2011 and is based in Auckland. Over time, her role at RCP has evolved to comprise two distinct yet complementary parts – winning projects and contributing to projects. 

First, she is responsible for coordinating and managing all of RCP’s bid responses nationwide. Bianca loves to win, and she’s known for her strong work ethic and all-for-one and one-for-all approach. She is hugely talented at presenting RCP’s brand in a competitive tender. She has supported the team on key wins including Te Matapihi Wellington Central Library, Te Kaha (Canterbury Multi-Use Arena) and the new Dunedin Hospital. 

Second, Bianca inhabits a strategic advisory role at the front end of projects, which includes complex consenting processes and stakeholder engagement with parties including central and local government, and iwi. Relationship building is a critical element of these projects and an area in which Bianca excels. She has the ability to listen to people’s opinions then drive everyone in the same direction without imposing a set way of thinking.  

Bianca describes herself as a “technical bridge” between stakeholders. She aptly distils highly technical information into a form that everyone can understand. Bianca is working more and more with iwi stakeholders on projects. She says she’s constantly learning, “getting things wrong and learning”. She stresses the importance of engaging early, listening and being honest about what you don't know. 

Bianca says the industry is navigating a step change around broader outcomes – the social, cultural, economic and environmental outcomes of projects. RCP plays an important supporting role by exploring the available opportunities and how they can be incorporated. 

Christchurch born and bred, Bianca’s family is still based there so she tries to visit as much as possible. She also loves travelling to new cities, exploring the different built spaces and soaking up the local vibe. 

“There is a tangible, enduring outcome to the hard work we do. We create built assets for the community; assets that live on. I love that.” 

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