As a seasoned project manager with a background in structural engineering from Edinburgh, Scotland, Kate Crossling brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision to every project. Since joining RCP in 2017, Kate has consistently demonstrated her commitment to efficiency, problem-solving, and effective communication.

“My journey into project management was driven by a desire to understand the bigger picture of construction projects, moving away from the confines of technical calculations to embrace the holistic view.” This allowed Kate to shift her natural inclination towards mathematics and physics into a role where she could orchestrate the collaborative efforts of multiple teams.

Throughout her career, Kate has thrived on challenges, from navigating redesigns during the COVID-19 pandemic to overseeing complex rebuilds after natural disasters. Her bias toward action is a strength that has created success for projects and clients.

“I’m committed to getting things done. I think this, coupled with an ability to adapt, has been instrumental in the success of projects like One Queen Street, a development that is reshaping Auckland’s downtown skyline.”

For Kate, success lies not only in getting things done but also in listening, problem-solving, and embracing change. As a mentor to younger project managers, Kate also takes pride in guiding the next generation and instilling these skills.

Outside of work, Kate can be found travelling the world, or enjoying her new passion of playing golf.

"In project management, it's not just about solving technical problems; it's about finding practical solutions and seeing the bigger picture. I get great satisfaction in harnessing the visions and seeing projects I've been involved with physically come to life, reshaping skylines and creating spaces that people enjoy. The construction process fascinates me; the way buildings fit together is something I find endlessly intriguing."

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