Chris joined RCP in 2018 to develop and lead its Wellington infrastructure team. Fast forward to today, the team is thriving and he is playing a pivotal role in its continued growth and success. 

With a career in civil engineering spanning more than 30 years in New Zealand and England, Chris is a true veteran of the infrastructure industry. During this tenure, he worked for local authorities and engineering consultants, and occupied client-side roles in civil and electrical industries, all the while providing leadership in design, construction and project management.  

Chris likes to build things. He also likes to get things done and see projects completed successfully. He has a well-earned reputation for leading and delivering complex, high-profile infrastructure projects from feasibility to construction stages and is currently engineer to contract for several Projects of National Significance. 

Known to be a real ‘people person’, Chris happily shares his knowledge and experience with junior talent. He likes to give them roles that will stretch them, all the while being on hand to guide and support.  

Chris also has a passion for developing and managing the teams and the culture to support delivery. Fundamental to his approach is creating an environment where each person is engaged and respected, and can contribute their specialist skills to the project. He is adept at maintaining these high-performing teams for the duration, and forming enduring relationships with clients, consultants and contractors beyond the projects themselves.  

To unwind, Chris can be found mountain biking on the hills of the mighty Hutt Valley where he lives. 

“I have those softer skills that enable me to deal with conflict. That’s a strength. I'm sometimes required to broker or overcome issues between different parties.”