When the lure of the big projects pulled Brad McLeigh away from his own business and into RCP, he brought with him over ten years of experience built on a passion to meet challenges with innovation and adaptation.

“Seeing what RCP had delivered, the special projects that no one else was delivering, was a huge draw for me. Any chance to hone my skills, adapt to new technologies, and meet new people is what I love.”

Since starting his career as an architectural designer, Brad has gone from working on residential and commercial projects in NZ and the UK to shifting into project management. His drive to move forward has continued since joining RCP and he now leads RCP’s New Plymouth office.

“I don’t like staying still. I enjoy growing and projects with complex issues because that’s where you find the innovative solutions. I don’t believe in a stock standard approach to any project, so I run towards the projects that surprise you and force adaptation. I love working with teams who feel the same way.”

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships is crucial for Brad’s innovative approach.

“Investing in real relationships with stakeholders must be the foundation of every project. With genuine connection, clear, consistent, and transparent communication is more easily maintained. Then, when the time comes to adapt to unexpected challenges, you can get the buy-in you need to explore alternatives.”

From tender to construction, Brad’s love for diving deep into the details is also what drives his success. “I am details and solution focused. I like to understand everything about a project, everything that’s going. I love the complexities of a project. I think understanding the details helps foresee challenges and develop solutions early.”

But it’s also about more than just details and process and methodology for Brad.

“I love to see a project become a genuine asset to the community. A highlight for me was working on Yarrow Stadium for three years then seeing it sold out, with Taranaki winning the NPC final at home. Or with Southern Cross, knowing that because we successfully worked through complex challenges, the community now has more capacity for surgeries. Our work has real-world impacts, and I love knowing I contributed something.”

Becoming the New Plymouth manager was a natural step for Brad, particularly with his acknowledgement that success is always the result of a team effort.

“I’m not a lone wolf. I believe in utilising the unique skill and experience of every team member to get the best outcomes. Every successful project has been the result of a great team. The right techniques, innovative solutions, and the right people, that’s really what it’s all about.”

Southern Cross Hospital
Stage 2