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Toitū Carbonreduce

  • 2023 November

RCP are proud to announce that we achieved Toitū Carbonreduce certification!  

This milestone demonstrates that RCP is fully committed to reducing its emissions while achieving annual emissions measurement to baseline future performance.   

RCP have been partnering with Toitū since 2017 for our Toitū Enviromark Diamond certification, which recognises RCP's Environmental Management System (EMS) is robust, ensures our plans and policies are followed, and enables the identification of new opportunities for change and improvement. It demonstrates our Executive management commitment to the EMS and its continuing stability. 

As part of our ongoing business commitment, RCP sought a baseline for its emissions and partnered with Toitū again as a world leader in certifications for Toitū Carbonreduce.  

Achieving a Toitū Carbonreduce certification enabled us to measure our emissions and seek opportunities to reduce our emissions profile. We're focussed on increasing our environmental commitment and leadership within the property and infrastructure industry, and emissions reduction is one key metric to achieve this.  

Our Results  

What is measurable gets managed. As industry leaders, we will publish our emissions information, hoping others will follow.  

We believe there should be shared accountability and a sincere commitment that our industry, as a collective, must improve. Undertaking the Toitū Carbonreduce certification has meant our emissions are measured, and the baseline understood. Publishing these results is a testament to RCP's commitment to improving our emissions profile and benchmarks our performance for annual review.  

Our goal is to demonstrate leadership in the sector.  But to do this, we must first show the way. Our early adoption of the Toitū Enviromark certification in 2017, through to our Toitū Carbonreduce certification in 2023, is a testament to this.  

RCP's greenhouse gas emissions for the year (01 April 2022 to 31 March 2023) were 474.20tCO2e.  

RCP has measured the emissions resulting from its operational activities, purchased energy, and selected impacts from its value chain activities, including business travel, freight, and waste sent to landfill. 

The reporting generated from this certification has been revealing. Air travel is our highest emitting process. It makes up 62% of all RCP's emissions per year. It's our single biggest contributor to global warming and is our primary focus for improvement. Our vehicle transport strategy will also be investigated, with significant emissions resulting from our personal fleet and taxi use.  

RCP Commitments 

RCP is committed to managing and reducing its emissions. RCP's commitments, including GHG emissions reduction targets and plans, have been reviewed and are in line with Toitū Carbonreduce programme requirements.   

We have developed an emissions reduction plan to take us to net-zero emissions by 2030, with current and planned emission reduction rollouts including: 

  1. Purchase of our first electric vehicle in Auckland, which is currently being trialled to confirm if a rollout across our offices is suitable.  

  2. Reducing air travel emissions by auditing company flights and incentivising multi-purpose travel.  

  3. Incentivising the use of public transport and low-carbon travel with the availability of e-bikes. 

  4. Reducing waste in our office and improving recycling opportunities. 

  5. We are undertaking training within the offices to educate staff on low-carbon decision-making in our core business delivery. 

We are also investing in new expertise and upskilling our team so that we can continue to assist our clients achieve their sustainability vision and demonstrate leadership in the industry.  

RCP is thrilled to be recognised by Toitū as achieving the Carbonreduce standard. Learning about our emissions profile has been a journey, and we now have critical areas to focus on. We're excited to implement several emissions reduction strategies in 2023/24 and reduce our footprint at the following year's audit.  

We look forward to sharing our future results with you again next year.